15-year-old Not Too Old for a Forever Family

By: Amy Hadley

It’s hard enough trying to figure yourself out when you’re a teenager, much less wondering if you’ll ever belong to a family.

Fifteen-year-old Jonathan is easy-going and focused on settling in as best he can. As an eighth grader, Jonathan is trying really hard to just live a normal life.

“The only things I think about are what’s happening at home, at school. That’s all I think about. I don’t think about my brothers or my sisters. I don’t think about foster care,” he said.

Like most boys, Jonathan likes to hang out with friends and play football. He’s been in foster care for almost four years, and said his first year was really hard. He acted out and fought with other kids.

“I got split up with my family and got put in foster care and I didn’t want to be in foster care,” he said.

Jonathan has been in his newest foster home for 11 months. His goal is to “stay there for a long time.” He said moving around is the hardest part of foster care.

“You have to start over at school, start making new friends, I don’t really like that. So I just like staying in one place,” he said.

But Jonathan thinks getting adopted would be the best thing for him. While he’s ready to consider a forever family, he knows it might be hard to get close to someone again.

“Might take a while or something because I’ve been in so many different homes and so many different families that I’m not used to that,” he said.

At 15, Jonathan is growing into a young adult. But approaching adulthood doesn’t mean this teen is past the age of needing a family.

From the News 8 Austin Website

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