18% of the Nation’s Foster Kids Live in California

Here’s some recent data from the Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care. I always knew California’s numbers where high, but 18%?! That is WAY TOO MANY. By comparison, consider your child’s classroom of 25 students… seven would be in foster care. Btw, the above link takes you to the main page of Pew Commission, not the report… the report is in pdf format (which I hate…why don’t sites offer another viewing option?).

Governor Signs Foster Care Bills…but What Do The Bills Really Mean?

I know Arnold signed in some bills to help foster youth, but could someone please explain what they really mean?
For instance, Bill AB1412: “Gives foster youth more of a voice in the system by giving them the right to be involved in his or her own case plan for permanent placement.” Who will hear their voice? Right to be involved how? I’m not trying to be confrontational, I just want to understand through real-world examples what positive changes we can expect.
Anyone? Anyone? Arnold? (here is info on all the bills he signed)

Foster Mom Writes Her Memoirs… A Great Read!

I am currently reading Another Place at the Table, by Kathy Harrison – a foster mom.
I’d love to meet her some day. She seems like a great mom, friend, and advocate for kids. No wonder she’s been honored by so many different groups. Here’s an interesting interview and reading guide from the publisher’s page.

Update: I finished this book and LOVED it. Kathy is an inspiration. She’s about to release another book, about taking care of her special-needs daughter.